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Default Re: New owner need help

Slogger's right.

You CAN do it alone. It sounds like you removed the plug already and don't see the standard L-shaped prong at its end. I suspect you have a 3-pronged plug that comes with a lot of these kits. You should see a spark between a prong and the center of the plug (the little cylinder poking out near the prong(s). Once removed from the engine, reconnect it to the wire and lay it on top of the head so the plug's metallic threads are resting on the fins of the head. You might want to use a little tape to secure the plug to the head if it slides off, it's just important that the plug is resting against the engine as described, and that you have a clear view of the prong. Now all you have to do is roll your bike by walking it a few feet. Don't disengage the clutch; let the engine turn-over. It'll be easy since there won't be any compression when the plug's out. If Al's good, you should see sparks clacking in the gap while you walk. They may be too weak to see in sunlight, so do it somewhere where the light's dim.
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