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Default Re: To clutch or not to clutch

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

I started to answer your post, but then I realized I wasn't exactly sure what you have, or what you're trying to accomplish, so I passed.

What is a PK 69er? And what dirt bikes?

Sorry for my ignorance on terminology...I'm new to MB's, but not new to how they work!

Sorry Jim for my terminology and thanks for the reply. PK 69ers = Powerking 80's...apparently 68 point somthing CC= 69ers. The dirt bicycles I am referring to are in the planning stages. Full suspension dirt like bicycles for us to roam little trails up on the mountain where we live. What I guess I would really like to know is how fast could I peddle before the auto clutch really would kick in as it would only be for emergencies to get home peddeling. POPS (Rick) PS...All the stuff you've done is awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work my friend. You are a large assett to this sight and MB's...POPS
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