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Default can a gokart ever be a quadricycle? welcome input into how to make it so

After "assembling" my Street Legal "goped" last may - no tag/ no insurance/ no license/age even needed - "motorized scooter" (Chinese goped clone with 4-stroke HS motor), and seeing all sorts of stuff going no faster than 18 mph! (I would welcome 25 mph - maybe next year with the "speed" kit), like yards with gardens/flowers/sleeping dogs and sleeping cats/ kids playing/ etc, stuff that a walker sees and car drivers don't ---i.e. I learned slow can be better than fast (no dirty remarks - :-) that I've caught the "biker bug" - going 18 mph around town - I'm thinking (long-term - -2 yrs from now) maybe going "upscale" and pushing the limits in legality in my State - i.e. 79 cc for ANY bicycle! (but ONLY bicycles - not scooters or other vehicles without PEDALS) - those are limited to 35cc if 2 wheel and if more than 2 wheel must be registered and pass federal crash regs (unless it is a "specially constructed vehicle - then only needs to pass Highway Patrol inspection of basic stuff).

hence my idea of buying this little puppy, a 79 cc kids gokart (and adding pedals (must function -but don't have to function well ;-) ..........if you know what I mean (meeting the letter of the law, if not the spirit). OK law clearing states that bicycles include the 4 wheel variety, so 4 wheels is not a problem - only problem is that gokarts don't have pedals from the factory (maybe they should?) -- nothing in the law that states aftermarket modifications are not valid BTW - so welcome any ideas in this matter (how to add functioning pedals).........especially simple (cheap - and - works in real world) over complex and (expensive - and - works on paper) ideas.

here is the gokart (looks decent actually! - prob goes 25 derestricted - which is all I need (though my goped is limited to this (and fine by me) - a motorized bike in my state can go on 35 mph streets)

don't laugh - but thinking just a simple "go getto" solution like carrying a "radio flyer" (kiddie trike) with me and when a cop tells me its illegal - I just place the trike under the frontend (imply that "it is now a guadricycle" and then s-l-o-w-l-y pedal home.

thank you for your time gentlemen.
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