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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

So I've been wrenching here and there the last couple weeks. New rear wheel + matching sprocket adapter so I have a spare. I hit 35 the other day which was cool. Recently I have been 4-stroking a lot at 25+ mph at full throttle. So I cleaned the carb, tightened the choke lever (which had gotten loosened due to 4-stroking vibes), and put on a new air filter, and drilled a vent hole in my gas cap. I also replaced the fuel line with a polyurethane one and added a new fuel filter. Still 4-stroking above 25mph so today I am going to check the toque on my head bolts, if that doesn't fix it I will try gapping my spark plug. If not that then I will replace the jet. I think I may have a pre-made spare hidden in my toolbox, but if I can't find it or it's the wrong size I'll just break out the solder and drill. Then for giggles I may as well re-seal where the carb meets the intake with some Permatex Ultra Black.

I did some other stuff but I can't remember. Fixed a brake, bt there was something else... d*mn this awful memory. What I'd really love to do is install a jackshaft, like the SBP HD kit, but man, $200 feels like a lot for that kit.

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