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Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
From my experience I still contend that slime is no substitute for thick tubes and a liner, and I could care less what little go kart tire does, it always irritates me when I go to air up some thin stock tube and the green craps shoots out all over.

Slime only kinda works AFTER the tube is punctured, the smart thing is prevent a puncture to begin with.
I rest my case stop using paper thin tubes. It would serve you right to compare notes with somebody who has had success. IMHO

Have said it before there is nothing good to say about a paper thin tube...

As for some little go cart work on your tone of voice dude? Adding to confusion or telling the truth huh..It is a commercial golf cart at a commercial business. You knew that from my previous post...About a month ago. I can link that over for you. never mind gonna..

Umm nobody has had to do anything but drive. This will sound confusing. I will sound it out for you.. No mess mess and nobody has ever had to re air the tire again. This means I know what I am doing.

As for your heavy duty tube and liner combo. Hey they work great. I do agree this is the thing to do for any Newbee. Not my cup of tea..I don't get flats period.

I am sitting here at home with the flu and have dry heaved every twenty minutes since 5 am. I am getting my bearings straight now. So Sorry if I sound harsh? Got all day for you buddy wanna help.

I really do wanna help folks clarify for confused folks how to use the stuff. As for success? Have had nothing but success.

Briggs and Strait have a commercial grade sealer too..
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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