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Default Re: Got the tank done

Originally Posted by Toothy View Post
Thanks Dave,
I'm having issues with black flaky crap in my filter. I used a rust converter in the tank and I'm hoping that was not a mistake. I may have to pull it off and shake / use nuts and bolts again on the inside to get the stuff out.
You can also try sand or small pea gravel. Bee bees also work. (BB gun ammo)
I had good luck with sandblasting. I stuck the nozzle of the blaster inside the tank through the gas cap hole and was able to get back into the corners and crevices.

But simply shaking the tank (a lot) using the sand/gravel method also works.
The chemical de-scalers are good but be careful and don't ruin your paint job if you use them.

An external, in-line fuel filter should catch most of that scale you're seeing. You might have to change it a couple of times but at least it won't end up in your carburetor.
Good luck.

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