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Default Re: What is your actual mileage, and

I always carried an extra 30 oz in a aluminum fuel bottle, probably still will. The recent fix with the worn in place seat and valve, lapping then seat and valve cutting by machine shop to restore angles when that was necessary had intake timing off.

I ground the bottom of the valve to get back the gap between tappet and valve stem so now piston going up had the intake not open. It was still open about a 1/3 the compression stroke. Gas wasted sort of. It was processed the wrong way through the carb throat and venturi still worked sucking gas and spitting it at the air filter. Later and the beginning of the next intake it got extra gas from the filter as well as the venturi effect in the correct direction (toward the cylinder). Amazed it ran that way. If I had kept the old carb that uses the oil bath airfilter I would never had known.

Probably more power and lots more mileage on a tank fill. I was seeing around 20 mpg, gotta expect it might double. Low ratio 21:1 with 26 inch drive wheel and only off road climbing hills it may not be 50 mpg, but plowing through mud left over from snow melt and rain is not for best mileage anyway.

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