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Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
one way to get rid of that "ting ting ting" sound is to put a layer of rtv on the outside of the bell and everywhere else except the contact surface, that'll dampen out that ringing sound effectively, just do it after the last ride for the day so it has enough time to cure and clean the surfaces you plan on applying it so it'll stick good.

Another trick that works is get a can of that "flex seal" stuff and spray it on the outside of the bell, and on the inside of your clutch cover plates to dampen out even more noise.
It only needs to be about 1/16" thick or so to work.
Cool! Thanks, Dave. Gonna try that.

Originally Posted by Martin 1940D28 View Post
I disassembled the drive system and cleaned everything. Dressed up the clutch assembly, come to find out, one of the three centrifugal "fingers" would not move at all. I took my time with a couple of screw drivers slowly prying up and down until i could get a drop of gun oil in there. it works great now. It has been chattering since I built the bike in 2011. The people i bought the kit from said it was normal and would work itself out. Never did so I put it away 'til now. Are these motor kits still available?
Wow, Martin. That had to be insufferably loud. Must be operating much better as well? Would think it had to be slipping bad?

Came to find out I was using a 40T rear sprocket, thinking it was a 48. Had just thrown it on when when my 50T wheel soiled the bed linens. And this wheel already had the sprocket mounted. But with a 8:1 gear ratio, am beating the heck out of the poor clutch. Could be part of my problem, eh? snork
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