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Default Getting First Start

Hello everyone,

I just finished installing my first bike engine, a 2-stroke 66cc Flying Horse that I bought from Bikeberry:

I have not been able to get the engine running yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Checked for a spark from the spark plug - Holding the spark plug against the engine head and spinning the rear tire with the engine engaged clearly produces sparks.

2. Started with a fuelil ratio of 18:1. When that didn't work, diluted the mixture to ~30:1. I'm using synthetic 2-cycle oil. The oil container says it's meant to be mixed at 50:1.

3. Disconnected both kill switch wires.

4. Drilled a small hole (I think 1/8") in the cap of the fuel tank.

5. Removed in-line fuel filter.

6. Added hose clamps to fuel line connections.

7. Rinsed out fuel tank, then let it dry completely.

8. Tuned the carburetor (adjusted the clip on the injector needle to each of the 5 settings).


1. Looking at the carburetor from the front of the bike (the side where the large pipe comes into the carburetor), there are 2 switches: a white plastic one that rotates 360 degrees, and a metal one that rotates from West to North (only 90 degrees of movement). The metal one is marked with an arrow <---> and chinese symbols. Which is the choke? And what is the other one?

2. What is the exact process for starting the motor? I've been trying to pedal with the engine disengaged (which is easy - the engine doesn't resist it), getting a little bit of speed, then engaging the engine by letting the clutch in. The engine immediately applies resistance and I can hear the piston moving, but it doesn't sound like there's any combustion. I tried opening the throttle to various amounts while trying to start it.


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