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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post
I have owned some cool sports cars(82 mustang GT, 84 corvette, 79 Z-28, 77 Trans Am, 83 Camaro, 92 25th Anny Camaro), motorcycles... I race go karts. Flying around at blistering speeds is indeed fun, but slowing things down on a motorized bike and really soaking in the sites and sounds this planet has to offer in my mind is indeed taking a larger bite in my opinion then just running around at lightning speeds to fast to really focus on the good stuff we miss going fast. Really just a matter of personal perspective.

Does a man that climbs a mountain get the most satisfaction from the climb or from the view once he gets to the top? Depends on the individual I suppose, but I am going for the once in a lifetime view.
I too have gone fast. Well over mach one and today I prefer 20 MPH.
There is so much of this world that you can miss at speed and so many things that go unappreciated. I ride my funny little motorized bicycles and smell the new mowed grass, the flowers, see what neighbors have done to their houses and yards. You don't get that any other way but walking. But my bikes give me a broader perspective because I can cover more ground in a given time. At my modest speeds I have time to see, smell and appreciate the world around me instead of what's coming at me through the windshield or helmet visor. Funny how simple things become more important over time.

What this has to do with fenders, I don't know. Threads have a way of getting sidetracked sometimes. This appears to be one of them.

Good luck to my friend crassius. You have a lot of freinds and admirers here, sir.

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