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Default Ate it this morning

was leaving work and coming down the upper parking lot, down the hill, then swerve around the first speed bump, second one, wait that car is in my way....

Hit the next speed bump, couldn't go around, no time to slow down.

I go airborne at about 20- 25mph. I just remember rolling, my head bouncing around the pavement. I was wearing a full face motocross helmet.

I cut my hand, probably because my mirror shattered. I banged up my knees, left one is very sore. I gashed my right elbow bad. Luckily my tattoos on the right arm near the gash were unharmed.

My helmet is in perfect condition. Onlookers helped me up and straightened out my wheel. After I regained my bearings I rode home, bike started right up.

I need to examine the bike more, but I know I shattered the mirror and lens on my light. Other than that she looked good.

I'm off until tomorrow night, maybe I'll catch a ride if I'm still sore.

Moral of story, watch those speed bumps when flying through parking lot. Full face helmets are fantastic.
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