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Default Re: CVT with large sprocket????

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
In the spirit of sharing what I know,if you get a jackshaft in the mix you may not need such a large wheel sprocket. In fact an average 44 tooth spoke sprocket standard on 2 stroke kits would work well on a 26 inch wheel.

For example,looking at my buggy bike in the pictures forum notice how my 3 speed hub is a tiny 19 tooth sprocket. It goes to a 10 tooth sprocket on the jackshaft. But on the other end is a 20 tooth sprocket. I just made that jackshaft a 2 to 1 reduction. Then my Titan gearbox is a 5 to 1 ratio. That's 10 to 1 total. 2nd gear is a fixed gear on my hub and it pulls quite well in that gear. 1st is just a hill climber so this jackshaft allowed me to link up a 19 tooth to a 20 inch wheel.
So now you got your CVT that I've been looking at for quite a while actually I see clearly now how it mounts up. It's a 7 to 1 ratio at it's lowest excellent hill climbing then a 1 to 1 at it's fastest. A 44 tooth to a 26 inch wheel can get you started in low but you'll have no hill climbing at all and ridiculous top speed if your engine can take it I doubt it would have enough power actually for gearing that high. But let's get a jackshaft in there 20 tooth engine drive to 10 tooth to the wheel. Suddenly your gearing gets cut in HALF and that 44 tooth sprocket would be the same as an 88 tooth sprocket without a jackshaft!
It's possible,man. If I had the funds it would have been my reality already. Imagine my trike with the three gears currently AND a CVT. That would be like tractor trailer gearing how sick would that be?

(edit) OMG that CVT is reverse rotation. If I had that it would take absolutely nothing much to adapt to my trike. I'm right about this right?
You have my mind going LF. With a conventual chain drive, it would need to be around 18 to 1 so as not to smoke the clutch. So coming off a 3 to 1 CVT at 3,600 rpm maybe a gear box for further reduction? Been on this for 3 days and still going. Did play with the thought of a just larger CVT or dueling CVTs. dunno, but this is a great thought. Maybe a small gear box..... Hmmm
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