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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

My solution to crappy fenders was to make my own stays and brackets and totally overbuild them. I use 1/8" x 3/4" steel barstock to make my own L brackets and 1/8" x 1/2" barstock to bend my own fender struts. I drill out the rivets on the old hardware and use bolts with nylock nuts to fasten my new hardware. I also have taken a cue from modern bike fenders and cut a slot in the ends of the front struts so that if the L bracket failed or a branch got caught in the wheel that the strut would release from the fork thus avoiding a front wheel lockup. It's time consuming but so far trouble free (knock on wood). I also have only built 4 stroke Huashengs so less vibration than the china girls. In my opinion you can't go wrong overbuilding these parts since the consequences can be so extreme.
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