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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

I once saw a woman make a midi sound controller/electric bass synth from Commodore guts. Pretty cool gadget. C.A.H. makes a good point about the secondhand market on them.

As for this bike, I had to do a bit more work yesterday: Front tube went flat just sitting there, right before I was to leave on it. (Both stock tubes from 1999 have now been replaced.)

After checking it over, I noticed a crack in the chrome zinc (I DO know better...) plate holding the upright beams to the center seat mount. No wonder the top end was acting funny the last couple days. Glad I caught it before it became a much bigger problem. I chopped up an old broken motorcycle fairing mount plate and drilled two holes for its replacement. At least the repairs were easy.

While I had it in pieces, I checked all the other brackets and hardware. Everything else looked good. Nuts and bolts are holding up, and haven't lost torque. After all that, I put it back together for a test drive. No more funky throttle or bogging at high rpm. All is well again with the Diesel.
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