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I was just sitting here thinking about this, FD. A u-bolt would be easy and cheap at the bottom.

Kinda shivered when ya said that, slogger.

Normally when riding down the road, the rear wheel locking up is not a catastrophic failure. But in a turn or unexpected, is a really bad day.

This is just a safety thing I do and really does seems to work. (for me any way) I don't design for me. I imagine letting a friend, stranger or anyone else ride a bike I designed and built. Sounds dumb but helps me stay away from the "good enough". Only 2 or sometimes 3 skinny wheels between us and bouncing of the tarmac.

Sorry and this safety minded moment was brought to you by the exxnon corporation, the letter "M" and no other apparent reason.

worst apocalypse ever
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