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Default Re: friction kit tire wear

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I think you will be happy, DW. Is a really amazing, kick butt powerplant.

If ya live on the dark and north side of a mountain and more needed a tree climber, the 100 would be a possibly good choice. With the 50, MPG is gonna be much better, too.

And your legal CC wise for road use. All around a good choice, me thinks.

Bigger is not necessarily better. All about need and application.

Please post lots of pics and a review. Looking forward to seeing your build!
Actually, depending on the state, under 35 cc is 'legal' for not needing a moto license or registration/insurance.

There are some smaller Honda and Subaru 4 strokes, plus the Tanaka 33cc engine. HuangShen has come out with a 38 cc 4 stroke just recently, it has my attention as it's set up for the GEBE and Stanton standards of 74 mm diameter clutch bell.
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