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Originally Posted by oldscool View Post
Donor bike (frame, maybe seatpost clamp)

Awesome looking frame and fork. Is all but screaming for an inframe tank and a worksman drum brake front wheel. Sorry, really like that bike and ya got me going.

"Hey Dan, by un-corked I mean Free flowing intake and exhaust
and possibly after-market carb. And why would you go with
the Honda or HS?"

OIC, I have no experience with alternative carbs. I've experimented with opening up the intakes but didn't make much of a difference with pipes/lawnmower mufflers. But was not an exhaustive research at all.

LOL, My exhaust with the Riverside build is I welded copper bushings to conduit. Really, really badly and people laughed at me and asked; "You welded what to what!? Then asked me to hit it with a hammer. I did and it held but bent it out of shape. Was really funny and then used a plumber's rubber blow bag for a muffler.

On the Honda/HS as opposed to the HFs. Just easier to get your legs around to pedal. Is more legal in most places and you can buy mounts for em and now you can buy clutches for em.

The HFs, Greyhound and Predator are both awesome. (Pred is a much better choice. same physical size, more cc and better quality. IMVHO)

The Honda 50 is the best choice but the carb needs conversion to cable throttle. The HS has almost the same RPM range as the Honda, is almost as smooth and the carb is cable ready.

Is just a what compromises work best for what you want. Honestly, of those 4 engines, you can't go wrong and they are the 4 most popular for what I said and more.

My personal choice would still be the Honda. But it is the most expensive.

If we lived next door and had hung out for yrs, I would suggest getting a China Girl first. Gets yer feet wet so to speak and for less then $200 bucks, is an awesome learning tool. And when ya run out of gas or have engine trouble, ya pop off the chain and can pedal home as a 2 smoke doesn't require you to use wide pedal cranks.

LOL OldSchool, I am gonna get so jumped on for this!

worst apocalypse ever
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