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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

I think we assume a certain amount of risk just getting out of bed in the morning. Everything we do in life has some degree of risk that comes with it. I have a motorized bicycle with fenders, I race go karts, fly and race model airplanes, target shoot, do some boating and fishing, etc. etc. etc. All of these hobbies that bring so much joy to my life also each carry with them a certain amount of risk and each has potential hazards to watch for.

Sitting at home watching the world pass me by due to fear of something bad happening is NOT an option. So the best we can do is to let our fellow hobbiest know about a potential problem and together try to find ways to minimize the potential hazards associated with a particular hobby. However...not participating in the hobby is not an option. Sometimes we can do our best to try to minimize hazards and still experience a failure that results in damage or loss, but everything we do in life we learn to accept a certain of degree of risk even when we know the potential hazards.

I would never tell someone that they should not buy cheap engine kits or cheap bikes because perhaps there may be some higher percentage chance of something failing. What I would tell someone is that if you are aware that there may be more risk associated with some of the cheaper engine kits and bikes suffering a potential failure and are willing to try to find ways to minimize that risk...then I say good luck with your project and I hope you are able to get many miles without suffering a failure, but just like all the Fords, Chevys and Dodges I have owned......everything has the potential to break or fail no matter how much we try to minimize that chance or how much quality we thought we were buying by spending a boat load of money.

I run the fenders on my bike and have added reinforcement because the good folks on this forum have warned of the potential problem. Does it mean that they will never fail and that I may never suffer skinned knees or broken leg like Tom or maybe even worse? The logical answer is no, but I have done my best to try to minimize the chance of failure, and if they do fail....I have modified them to a point where I can accept the risk that may still exist even after modification. I also appreciate my fellow riders bringing the potential risk to my attention so I can decide whether it is a risk I want to take or not.
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