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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Rode my 4-stroke Goped today - visited the same cat down the street that a couple of months ago ignored/glared at me while I zipped past them honking my horn to get him out of my path - he was just sitting in the road! (its a "sleepy back-water" residential street - so little traffic).

Well saw him there again - and again he just ignored me while I blasted him with my horn. This time he had company, a little Dochshund, who instead of ignoring me decided to chase me! ----and with a top speed of 18 mph, I had trouble outrunning him.

It was close, but I made out alive without getting mauled.



my damn rearwheel allen bolts that hold on the rear disc break keep loosening - nearly lost them with the last tow trips (10 mile's odo or so ------- seems to be the magic number for me almost losing my backwheel/brakes).

if I use "thread lock" on em I'm afraid I'll never be able to get them off if I'll evern need to someday.

advice welcome. got 66 miles on her since June. not a bigtime "rider" lol.

also question - how often do I need to lube the chain? - I'm using silicone spray - that ok?
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