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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

Thank's Guy's,
I'm trying to be patient with her at the moment, She got a fairly heavy coat of Enamel and is taking a while to harden up, hence I'm taking my time to do the final fit to the exhaust which hugs the frame to less than 1/2 an inch. But I'm ready to pad the frame and get it done.
Also Been reconfiguring the 'Goat' motor as my 'Stocker' trying to get as much Torque from her as possible without having to buy another reed valve, as the Crank I got for it is nice and smooth only till about 6500, then not too bad, but, no point building a racer from it.
She will be getting the speed carb and standard exhaust for now till I get a chance to have a bit of a play with my torque pipe as I modified it to fit the slightly different placement of the Roo motor in the frame and no longer fits this motor...
Once I get my Dual suspension bike done I doubt the 'Old Goat' will get much use other than a 'lender' if any one else wants to go for a ride with me, So Keeping it simple and 'Tame'.
Due to back injuries I don't feel like riding much these days, and prefer 'pottering', hoping having a bit of suspension changes this.
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