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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

I didn't take any pictures of it as I did it, but I'll do my best to describe it. On this bike, I had to disassemble the clutch entirely and remove the nut from the collar with a cutting wheel, to fit inside and grip the peg. The clutch wasn't enclosed and was only in the way. All I needed was the driveshaft and that reverse nut. The peg sits flush with where the clutch used to be. There is a picture of that end result, inside the bike peg (see page 2). Remove the springs and shoes first. That's about it. Make sure the peg is centered as well as you can get it on the shaft- washers might help here if the driveshaft isn't quite tight with the mount hole. You can trim the outside of them to fit inside, (depending on the inner diameter of the peg) and help center the shaft. Torque it down, and use loctite if you have to.

On my larger saw, the clutch was enclosed. All I had to do with that one was remove the clutch nut, and attach the bike peg with some loctite (again, you might need it) and a good amount of torque on the stock nut. The picture of that bare motor will help there. The nut on the end of the clutch bell was removed, and a peg was attached. It really was that simple. I wish they both had been so agreeable!

Hopefully, that points you in the right direction.
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