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Default Re: New here, with a DIY Chainsaw Bike

Thank you, DirtWarrior. They are a lot of fun. I get a kick out of doing the speed limit on a bunch of recycled junk. There's a certain pride in knowing I fabricated the vast majority of the parts myself, too. Nobody has one exactly like mine, and I dig that.
The reliability is so much better than the old china girl cruiser-then-chopper I helped construct. It was much too temperamental for my liking, so I went with old American chainsaws for my own creations. The ones in the metal cases have always been good to me, and I highly recommend them. They're pretty hard to kill.

If you have a good frame, good engine, and a good plan, one can make a sweet little ride. I did it on the smallest of budgets. In fact, most of that was spent on the speedometers and other electrical after they were already up and running. I say, go for it. My plans floated around in my head far too long, and I could have spent that time riding.

Once I built the first, I had to make another one. Be careful what you wish for. As my father used to tell me, "Work smarter, not harder".
There's something to be said for the individual character of the friction drive bike. However, I am not the one to do it. -Lightning Boy

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