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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

Thank's Hen, Glad you like it.
My old 'war wounds' have been giving me trouble again, so I've been limiting the time I spend working for others and trying to keep my self busy at home on 'light duties'.
So having a few projects like this helps to keep me sane, and broke!
I've really tried to keep my spending to a minimum on this bike, recycling what I could.
So there are a few bits that I'd like to upgrade at some point, but I'm close to hit the 1 G mark and other than a better tyre for the front I'm refraining from spending anymore on her for now.
The original donar bike 'The Phantom' was $100. Still got a few good bits left over from it.
The GT was also $100, however after swapping a few bits around and giving it a polish I still had a nice bike, which was gifted to a mates kid for his birthday.
The 130mm forks were $80 and really help to make the bike.
The 24" rims were an absolute bargin at $40 and add a touch of 'class'.
RSE Reed and barrel carb another $100.
The KTM pipe $80, In my opinion if you have the ability to make it fit 'the best bang for your buck'.
And of course the 'Screaming Roo' which was a little under $400( I had a good week at work!), which although twice the price of an E bay kit, Really is so much better than any of the E bay kits I ever got.
New piston and barrel >$50.
Workshop consumables( quite a few welding rods, paint, ect),$50?
Tyres $100.
Which I believe comes to $1100!, including 'leftovers'.
Time to stop.
But I see myself getting a lot of fun from this bike, and it's almost finished!
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