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Default Re: friction kit tire wear

Just know these are only my thoughts and opinions. I am in no way an expert. But an engine governed at around 75% has a much easier life, so yes. It should live longer. But not really an issue with 4 strokes in general and most especially with Hondas. The manual for my 50 states I should expect 600 hrs out of her. Have 2ce that if not more.

All that really is just MVHO and experience. I just don't want you making any decisions based on my thoughts.

Another thought, (and only a thought) if you go with the 50, you don't have to go with the expense of special made parts and if she does die some day, could replace with a HS, Honda clone for cheap(er) if needed.

But am sure my GXH50 and wife are gonna out live me. Both, just for spite, snork.
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