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Default Re: Cheap build-a-tool things?

I know this is an old thread but such a great thought, Mew.

A DIY mill or lathe is not all that hard to do and can build one to your size and power needs. Can even do a CNC but that is way beyond me.

I have 3-in-one machine I got on special for $800 and it is great but wish I had known how easy and cheaper it would have been to DIYit.

Cool thing I learned in school (for this stuff) 40 threads per inch = .025 of an inch. But you could easily figure out graduations with whatever thread count you use to move holders/tables. Or, use a cross slide vise for milling.

Really could do some cool stuff for very little.

A guy looked at my mill/lathe and said "the only machine in the world that can make another" Meaning with a mill and a lathe, you can make a mill and a lathe. I just thought that was profound. And purty dang cool.
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