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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
I find that if you put a 2-stroke kit on a $3500 bike, you end up with a bike worth about the same as that kit put on a $25 bike with fresh paint. None of the things that make a high-end bike cost more are functional/useful once the motor is on it.
(just shakes head)
A bike is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
Granted $3500 is a lot for a bike but that is not the point...

You contend that adding a motor assist turns an expensive bike into a $25 POS because everything good about them can't be used?

I guess we build differently because all of my 'expensive bicycle' builds take advantage of all the great bicycle parts I have to work with and they don't loose value.

Perfect example sitting in the build bay now.
Well not in the bay, the wheels are too big, but this customer shipped me that Surley Instigator frame with all the good parts he wanted on it.

This is only about half done but you get the jest, over $2K in bike parts that will play nice with a jackshafted Yang Dong (Skyhawk) 66cc to fit the customers needs and budget, which is big.

And that brings us around to the whole point of 'What's your bike worth'...

For many builders here it could be priceless, or it could be something they wouldn't pay $25 for, but worth is what somebody else would pay for it.

You'd be surprised how many wealthy people like a new expensive toy.
Build 'em well and their friends want one too ;-}
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