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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

"What's Your Bike Worth?"

Too much & not enough, simultaneously.

Kit bikes (gas or electric): They're just not that difficult & if you can't DIY, they're not for you. The gas kits will always need attention & if you've not built it, it's likely you don't understand it. Electrics are so easy it'd be almost criminal to charge someone.

Customs: Yea... paid even the minimum hourly wage for the time invested, the parts hunted & scrounged, the do-overs & refinements to make it customer worthy and the result is a price simply asinine to consider when compared to almost any factory-built offering or I'd be ripping myself off, likely a bit of both.

Yes - there are exceptions. Some folks don't worry price or practicality & buy or build just for the want to do so. Depending on the region it's possible to eke out a profit from those whom don't know better or simply wish to pay someone else to worry...

...but not hereabouts. Perhaps it's that "pragmatic yankee individualism" of the frozen northlands or jus' a the hobbled economy (likely the latter lol) but in addition there's just something about selling completed motorized bikes that goes against the grain for me, that ol' "built not bought" mentality where the crafting is more important than the having.

I almost hate to say it but if it's just about transportation & not the education, you'd be far better served by a factory moped/scooter's "turnkey" & warranty. If it's jus' about the style... well... I'm not particularly into fashion accessories lol

*shrug* to each their own I figure
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