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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

$300 shipped for a brand new Dawes Lightning 26" MTB with disc brakes and adjustable front suspension
$175 for kit
$40 4L gas tank
$85 engine mount, stainless hardware & top hat adapter
$20 extra cdi & magneto
$15 shifter
$10 dual pull brake lever

Not to mention I needed a second engine I paid $20 out of pocket since the original seller only covered partial refund.

Things I wasted money on

I bought a pos spring tensioner I didn't need.

I grinded up a disc caliper trying to make it fit on the rear set up . Bought another one that isn't grinded.

Bought a regular 410 chain instead of HD, another thing I didn't need

I went through a couple rear mounts

Things I needed

I needed a reverse drill bit and easy out set

I already had a dremmel set, I bought extra carbide tips.

Also buying a rocket racing cdi, suspension seat and tygon fuel line tomorrow along with a SBP throttle

Turbobuick tensioner, voodoo pipe and nt jets are being purchased soon

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