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Default Re: What's Your Bike Worth

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
This thread [URL]If you were to sell your bike/s today, what would you expect to get for it?

Most people who have asked me about buying one of my bikes have little to no appreciation as to what it takes to build one and how much a guy can put into a bike. They want me to give it away.

That's a loaded question for someone that builds higher end MB's for a living...

Let's just say the least expensive (66cc direct drive on a Macargi Touch) is $565, many (like shifters) bounce close to $1K, and then there are the extreme builds where the bike alone is $3,500.

It's parts and labor, I don't have to work cheap, and I'm always busy enough for 2 of us to 'pay our own way' with working wives.

Math is not that hard... Add up all your costs then add in the hours you spent at whatever rate you pay yourself and that is the sale price.
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