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Originally Posted by onellesen View Post
Well Goodluck getting going again, Where are you getting the balanced crank from?
As far as I know Dax and motorbicycleracing are the only two who offer such a thing. I'm so cheap I may just try it myself though. I do wish I knew what caused the failure but i guess its a moot point, since the is no better ring or circlip available that I am aware of. At least I got over triple the miles this time over the last tear down. The "better" bearings all held up well.

I should also mention that I am terrible to my engine. I run it wot 90% of the time and rarely go slower than 30, so I ask a motorized bike to be a moped, fully aware that it is not. I have been running lucas 40:1, then redline 40:1 for every mile of it. 1k isn't tragic miles to me for a break down. 300 really ticked me off last time though. Idealy I would still like to see 3k before this kind of failure, then I may not throw hammers at it.

I'll be back on the road in time to enjoy fall riding.
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