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No mods other than the sthil bearing which is still in perfect condition after all this, and a slightly thicker base gasket, so probably less compression than normal. I was going around 35 when it set loose. It was kind of scary. Locked up the back wheel on me. I was surprised to find the transfer completely gone when I got it apart. The big bummer is that I broke my head trying to get it off. For some reason it was really bound up on the studs. The engine itself was one of the bad batches of bgf from a while back. I thought I addressed its weak points. I guess not . Meanwhile I have an extra jug and piston, just no circlips and no head now. Won't be to expensive to get rolling again me thinks. I was going to ditch the angle fire anyways sooner or later. I'm considering a balanced crank while I'm in there though, just finding it hard to justify with the failures I've had with it.

In anger I threw a hammer at the jug. Those fins are not very strong are they?
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