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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

The mentioned problems really did happen and I do have pics. My happy time is an old "revered" one too, a "Starfire" from Nantong Jalie. One of the best. It never quit running, it always started up and ran great. Here is the front mount. Nice and solid with a stack of 1/8" aluminum bars and a SBC mount. Good thing too eh?

Almost a 1/8" offset in the mount radius on the crankcase halves. On the outside of the motor where God and everyone can just see it easy. Don't even need a mic, don't need any gauges, don't need a surface plate, eyeballs are good enough.

Guess what? This ain't good enough. This is crap. They shipped it and it runs great.

I will never ever buy another one. The life I save is my own -

Everyone wants to go fast for cheap. Don't have much dough. Tough economy. I know. I understand. But if you don't know, hospital time is much more expensive than anything (even cars) than you can imagine. Trust me, I know. Thousands of dollars a day. You could buy a car for 1 day in the hospital.

These motors are so bad the Chinese don't even use them anymore. They have gone electric.
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