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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
I think the intention of my post was mistaken and lazy wasn't the best wording to use ,my apologies if any offence was taken Tom.

More so I was trying to convey if checks are done on a daily basis then one should be able to pick up on any issue before it becomes a safety consern and take action to rectify this ,and don't get me wrong I'm sometimes lazy when it comes to checking and each and every time I have done this it has resulted in the issue becoming a safety consern .

Alas. You are right lazy is a resentful word so I will edit my post accordingly
Thanks for bringing it to my attention mate

Regards hen
All is well, Hen. No worries and no offense. We're good.

Actually maybe 'complacent' would describe most of us at some given time. After miles and miles without a problem it gets easier to not check as closely as you might in the early stages of a bike's life. Things that have never given you a problem can, and occasionally do get over looked.

This is the reason pilots use a check list before a flight.(or we hope they do). No matter how many times something is accomplished without incident, there is always that chance that something potentially critical gets overlooked.

Nevertheless and as I've pointed out previously, I had done a thorough inspection of my bike only six miles before the accident. And the fenders were part of that scrutiny.
Ya jus never know

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