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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

How do they do it on motorcycles?
With m8 bolts, that's how. Big beefy bolts.

They certainly don't use cheap, wonky rivets or crappy bent brackets made out of pot-metal.

There are very few pedal bikes out there that are overbuilt enough to withstand what we put a bike through.

Fact is, most bikes purchased at walmart only get ridden one or two dozen times, then spend the rest if their lives stuffed in a garage or shed. For most owners, poprivets and potmetal work just fine.

So as motorbicycle builders we have two choices and the spectrum between them.

1) Buy cheap and spend time, money and sweat trying to upgrade weaknesses.

2) buy ultra expensive high quality bikes, like downhill bikes and build from there.

Of course, for most of us the answer is somewhere between those choices.
Decide where you want to be and modify properly from there.
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