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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

I think a few of you misunderstood Mike B. I took his remarks as, "If the spandex guys don't trust a bargain bike for pedaling at 30mph, then a motorized biker shouldn't trust a bargain bike for motorizing and travelling at 30mph".
-I think you can motorize and travel safely at 30mph on a bargain bike if you don't have one of those frames with the cargo rack welded to the seat stays. I think you also must more closely watch your adjustments and bolt tightening on a bargain bike, but it can be done safely.
-I still have one foot in the spandex world. I won't do another MS150 but I still do shorter charity rides.
The spandex guys' bike must be comfortable for him/her to spend all those miles in the saddle and making a 20lbs bike comfortable enough for a five hour ride isn't cheap.
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