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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

I am in the right place me thinks, a DIY motorized bike forum right?

I have 5 motorized bikes;

(1) happy time on a wallmart OP Roller
(2) Magic Pie electrics
(2) Staton friction drives, one with a Robin-Subaru and one with a Tanaka

The happy time although it has no fenders cracked the chain guard tab, broke the rear grade 8 socket head cap screw motor mounts and vibrated the air cleaner and the muffler cap off into the road. The motor mount issue caused me to push the bike home.

The other 4 bikes have suffered no problems of this nature because they do not vibrate so bad. Zero in the case of the electrics and very little in the case of the friction drives. Maitainence is like a pedal bike, just squeeze the tires to check pressure and go.

Motorized bikes are a lot broader than Chinese frame mounted 2 stokes. I know, I have one. And that will be the only one I will ever have. Compared to the other 4 it is an unreliable POS that I am unwilling to risk my life on. Please do and ride anything you want, it's your choice.
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