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Default Re: How to Maintain a Motorised Bicycle

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
easier to just drain it
I agree.
Start it up, shut the fuel off and let the engine burn everything out, then drain the rest of the tank into a can.

You didn't state a time frame but gas has pretty short shelf life, like 3 months before it losses the ability to create gas vapor which is all that matters.

You can throw a lit match into liquid gas but if it can't make vapors it just puts the flame out because liquid gas don't burn.
No vapors, no joy starting it ;-}

I find 32:1 with off the shelf auto store 2-stroke oil to work great.
What you want is the highest ratio can go but still lube your engine bearings because everything in your fuel that does not vaporize and explode is just waste.
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