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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Bummer Shaggz, hope you recover soon.

I find 3 point mount fenders to nothing but frame holes not the axle to work very well.

That means the middle L bracket frame mount, and then two sets of struts to separate frame holes.

What that does is not give the fender mounts a center pivot point so they tend to stop themselves trying to bend against other stops and each other if the L breaks.

About half my builds (2-stroke, 4-stroke & electrics) have full fenders and we just reinforce the top bracket L slots and all the strut bolts with some JB and no failures I know of yet.

I like fenders and chain guards here in the desert. There are a myriad or things the 'road' can toss in your face or down your back here I'd just as soon keep on the ground.

Maybe it's just the 2-stroke engines I buy or the way I build, but vibrations aren't any worse than a 4-stroke and minimal enough that they don't shake themselves apart.
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