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Question Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Who cares about the fenders? Just a symptom.

I would be more worried about the frame crack.

Both frame cracks. The fender support cracked off and the frame cracked.

Bolt a POS pot metal engine onna bike and take your chances. The life you have to lose is your own. Really think about it.

All you guys always complain about those spandexers doing 30 on their bikes and you can't go that fast by law. They have zero vibration pedal power bikes that cost a grand or more and are fit. You have a $100 bike with a $150 vibration machine lashed to it and you are not fit enough to pedal at 30 mph.

Bicycles are not designed to be equipped with gasoline engines. You take the risk. Is it worth it?
We ALL complain about spandexers doing 30? I don't remember doing that? (Iam getting old through so anything is possible?) Where not fit to pedal 30? How do you know??? Have you been spying on me? (I hate it when that happens!!) Do you have any thing good to say here or are you jest messing with us lol? Seems to this one you come here to mess with people doing the very thing the forum was made for building bikes with engines mounted in them?? This I don't get? (but I have been told Iam slow some times)
This is a engine + bike forum. That's what it was made for. We ALL take the risk that's why where here. Why are YOU HERE? Is it worth it? (LMAO)

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