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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Good advice but not fool-proof.

I'm not beginner and have a lot of years behind me with mechanical stuff. I was certain the fender couldn't come loose, get tangled or fail yet, it did. As Dan said the fasteners didn't fail but the steel fender itself was ripped out of the mounts and wrapped itself around my rear tire. Also mine wasn't a case of neglect. Six miles before my accident I had gone over the bike checking for possible weak points because it was a new bike. The fenders felt secure and all fasteners were tight and in place. I was never really able to determine exactly what happened, or more accurately, how it happened. But it did.

I still run fenders but they are all bobbed and mounted in such a way that they can't rotate down and under the tire. The fender that failed and caused my crash is half the length it was before the accident and welded to the mounts. And believe me, it gets checked before every ride and even during a ride. So far, so good.

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