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Default Re: Caution! Fenders are Death!

Thats good advice, Cti.

But the main problem with fenders are not that the fasteners loosen, but that the brackets themselves fail and let go. Often with the nuts, bolts, rivets still secured to them.

Very often it is just an L bracket that is just bent. That causes a weak spot at the outside of the bend. So with the vibrations, it wiggles it self to death.

Originally Posted by Citi-sporter View Post
The only problem here is the lack checking and double-checking your fasteners for the fenders.

Buy a tube of LockTite blue when you buy that engine and take the time to go over all the potential bits that might loosen on the bike itself, before you put that engine on. Check that there is sufficient clearances for the tire and any stray debris it might pick up between the fender and the tire. LockTite and torque all small fasteners.
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