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Default Hello from Utah

Hi! I'm in southwest Utah, enjoying the weather: much warmer than what I grew up with in Montana!

Back when I was a kid, I rode all the time unless there was snow on the ground, and I'd even try to ride then. In the couple of years (like 30!) since, I haven't ridden hardly at all. So now I live where one can ride about year-round. I have a vintage Specialized HardRock I love and have just about finished rebuilding to stock specs.

I picked up a nice big ol aluminum beach cruiser with 29" wheels. its a great ride but its geared wrong...once I get it rolling, i can pass cars, but it stinks to ride unless its downhill!

So yeah, this is a MOTORIZED forum...thats why I stopped by: to learn about sticking an engine on something and making a nice little scoot for tooling around town, to the store, work or just to get out of the house! I've read a lot of nonsense online, there's a local guy who builds and sells these things, but I want to do it myself; always done my own work and it sounds like a blast...I just need to learn whats out there, what works and what doesn't and so forth before I get into buying parts.

We can to up to a 49cc without an endorsement here, but I'm licensed anyway due to a '82 Honda VT750 Shadow...and I'm a big guy and I don't think a little engine is going to really do the job well on our hills.

So...yup, I'm a noob, here to learn! thanks!
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