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Default Re: Newbie with big problem

Howdy Pigeon, welcome to the forum.

That must be really frustrating. There is some great information and possible fixes on the forum. Here is a bunch of threads using search with the words "will run for about 10 seconds then die"

If you have a way to post a vid of her running for the 10 seconds, can you post it? On photobucket or the like then post a link here. Or just here when you have posted enough times to post pics/vids here.

But if she is starting then dieing, is probably some thing simple. (air/fuel/spark) and think spark is already ruled out as the culprit.

I always start with the easiest. Is the choke properly set, gas flowing.

Just my thoughts and other folks will offer as well. But you will get her back up and running!
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