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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Woke up to two flat tires, pumped them up and the front is holding (it was getting a little low yesterday anyway) but the back only held air for 20 minutes or so. So yeah, I guess that will be my day's to-do list. Buy two new tubes, replace the rear, see how the front holds up for a few miles and replace that one if needed too.

I also need to buy some replacement spokes, built an easy truing stand out of a bike frame this week. I have never trued a wheel before but it looks pretty straightforward, but man am I having trouble figuring out the size/type spokes I need. And my local shops carry no 12g spokes


Originally Posted by Dan View Post
AWWW! look at that face! LOL at "saw good"! just awesome Cyclin.
Thanks bud. She is my world. Such a little punk lol, and she LOVES working on the bikes with me. Right now she is at the "tap on the tire with a crescent wrench" stage, but she's actually getting better at handing me the right tool when I ask

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