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Default Re: my bonus was better than expected so i bought a spoiler

well she is on the road a little more rattle then i would like but i hope when i lean the mix after the break in it will settle down a bit. i went ahead and used the top hat adapter i got the rear disc brake to work after some crafty engineering. i made a bracket the moved the calipers out just enough to clear the sprocket. i mouted the adapter reversed where the sprocket is on the inside and the disc is on the outside. i used a 32 tooth sprocket and it gave me just enough room that the calipers grab maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the disc. at first it wouldnt work becuase the calipers would pinch at an angle from the open space side of it and not really grab the disc enough to stop the wheel so i put a spacer (wire rap) and now it grabs flush. now it doesnt stop you in your tracks like the front brake does but it does work better then the old school hand brakes on my other builds. im waiting for a sunnier day to take some photos and ill post em. i have ran it around the block a couple of times comin back and tweaking here and there but today im gonna try and get a real ride in on her. thanks again for all the info guys i really apreciate it. ill post some pics soon.
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