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Default Re: my bonus was better than expected so i bought a spoiler


Good afternoon.

You are sitting in a very fortunate position on this build.

I bought two new spoilers a few weeks ago to build for myself and my girl.

I will be starting the design/build this weekend.

These really are cool bikes!!! They actually ride a lot better than I would have expected.

Forget the top hat adapter for the won't work If you plan on keeping the rear disc brake.

I will be posting photos as I go along with this build...If you see anything you like...let me know and I will give you the cost. You will have a narrow window of time to make a decision on some of the parts since once the CNC is changed from one part to the next the previous will never be done again.

Follow along with my thread, (I will start it next week), and you will have the opportunity to have one of 3 of the coolest spoilers ever built.


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