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Default Re: Sprocket ?'s (does size really matter?)

Originally Posted by corpuscruiseking View Post
Just a theory...but as the smaller sprocket should indeed turn at a higher rpm, one could conclude that the increased rpm's may shorten the life of the engine; however, if you simply avoid the top end, there should be no difference at all. That being said, why not stick with the 44 and utilize the better tourqe value? I run a 49cc with a 44 tooth sprocket and I top out at 33-34 mph. Just as a thought............once you have gone 30mph on a bicycle......and want more!!!??? It might be time to look at another hobby? Be safe, my fellow brethren of bicycles!!!!
You will get a lower motor rpm with a smaller sprocket at any speed compared to a larger sprocket. This theoretically would help out motor life as the rpms won't be so high all the time. However, you do lose torque. I'd stick with the 44T since AZ has that 20mph limit.
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