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Default Re: blew a tube. gah

Originally Posted by a.graham52 View Post
New tube. Got a Michelin brand with the weird valve stems. Also upgraded my rear brake shoes since the walmart oems are marshmallows.
Errgghh, sound like you bought a thinner Presta valve stem tube and not the common fatter Schrader valve stem tube.

Presta's are meant for very thin racing rims (too thin for a Schrader) and a real pain in the butt, I can't stand the blasted things.

If your rim in the center is over 1" you will likely have a Schrader size stem hole.

What I do to 'bullet proof' a wheel is use a HD tube which is about 4x thicker than a regular tube, and then put a HD liner between the tube and inside of the tire, and of course make sure you have your inner liner where the spokes come into the wheel.

~$25 a wheel but worth it for many.
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