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Default Make your own bobber style seat.

Well okay, after some significant miles on my BTR bike my hiney was not feeling it, heck it was not feeling anything for that matter because it was numb.

I looked into a wider cruiser bike seat but after a long search what was available simply did not look right on this bike. They all looked too blocky on the bike.

Anyway, I then started looking at bobber style seats for actual motorcycles.

I found a few but the prices were way too high. I looked at the construction of them and it seemed not too complicated.

So off I went to Home Depot to pick up some 16 gauge steel sheet metal and to a fabric store to get some vinyl covering.

I had the seat post and brace from the previous configuration so aside from that and my time, this only set me back $13.00.

Pictures tell it better so here you go.

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