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Thanks 2door. Yes - bike was running but still having high idle and when clutch was pulled in it would cause even higher "shriek" and I'd have to use kill switch and brakes to slow down. I had to fill bag up on gas/oil and used the new oil and it never started again after that ... I don't think that was the main issue just a matter of coincidence. Everything seems to be pointing to air intake issues or not getting enough fuel. I'll do my best to post some pictures - almost embarrassed to as there are some fine modifications from other users on the site.

New parts were obtained from Sick Bike Parts - Jim was very gracious in talking me through some tips ( take off the rounded tip off the spark plug for the boot to sit properly - is this common ? ). I only replaced the throttle because I was too aggressive installing the original one ( all original parts from - Raw Racer bundle ) and broke some internal pieces. The new one is from Sick Bike parts as well.
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